Church of San Michele Arcangelo and sanctuary of San Pantaleone

LocationMiglianico, Chieti, Italy
ApplicationFacades, Churches
Projectarch. Daniela Giandomenico

The church of San Michele Arcangelo, better known as the sanctuary of San Pantaleone, stands in the historic town centre of Miglianico in the province of Chieti, up on the hill that overlooks the plain leading to the Adriatic Sea.

The original building and its interior decorations date back to the 18th century; the current structure is the result of an extension built at the start of the 20th century. The creation of the facade with its new doors is part of a larger project aimed at enhancing the building’s entire facade and highlighting its most significant architectural features.

The facade’s renovation, overseen by the architect Daniela Giandomenico, was completed with a lighting project designed to bring out the form of the building’s architectural elements, at the same time as exalting its stone surface.

The lower part of the church's facade has been lit with Litus 2.4 recessed fixtures, with 3000K white light, 13°x52° elliptical optics, and a glass screen with no visible screws, to allow the devices to integrate perfectly into the stone surface. The fixtures were installed concealed in the stone architraves of each door to light the entrances by focussing attention on the intrados of the openings and accentuating the decorations in relief on the door leaves.

For the upper part of the facade, the choice fell to Lyss 1.0 projectors with 3000K white light and 10°x180° optics, positioned on the outer frame of the rose window to highlight the sculptural decorations, and at the base of each niche and lunette to emphasise the profile of the arches. The compact dimensions of the lighting fixtures used, and their slightly recessed installation, mean they are completely integrated into the architectural context, allowing their light to shine out unrestricted.

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