WC Beautique Hotel

LocationLisbon, Portugal
ProjectNini Andrade Silva
Light planningLight2Life

The WC Beautique Hotel in Lisbon comes from the creative mind of the acclaimed Portuguese interior designer Nini Andrade Silva. Light2Life, the Portuguese team behind the lighting design, has succeeded in showing the whole building in its best light, enhancing the concept and the colour palette.

The enchanting use of lighting, with its transparencies and reflections, and backlit surfaces, creates a truly breathtaking effect. The fixtures used in the hall, corridors and restaurant are Quad 6.1 ceiling recessed downlights, 6W, 500mA, 3000K white light, with 56° adjustable recessed optics.

Their design for the facade involves vertical beams of light, parallel to the hotel’s neon signage, and projected upwards, and for this the team has used outdoor projectors // 4000K, 20W, 16° sharp optics, in an anthracite finish. These beams are mirrored on the building’s ground floor by others directed downwards, produced by Kocca 1.1 wall-mounted fixtures // 4000K, 8.5W, 230Vac, with diffuser, in anthracite. Their pared-down design means they are perfectly camouflaged in the architecture.

The horizontal underscores are created using River Wall 1.2 surface-mounted linear profiles // 4000K, 10W, diffuse light, length 520 mm. The external lighting is completed with Lira 1.0 step lights // 4000K, 6W, with asymmetrical optics, and the low-power recessed fixtures Bright 1.0 // 3000K, 2W, 40° and Bright 1.1 // 3000K, 2W, 10°.

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