Casa sul Parco

LocationFidenza, Parma, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Facades, Landscape
ProjectStudio DELBOCA + Partners, Studio Architetti Simona e Giovanni Rossi
Light planningRada Markovic Lighting Design Studio

Casa sul Parco is the fruit of the entrepreneurial vision of Montanari Costruzioni, who created the complex, entrusting the architectural project to DELBOCA + Partners and to the architects Simona and Giovanni Rossi. It is a housing complex in Fidenza’s historic city centre that features the highest possible levels of living comfort and energy efficiency. The building has garnered Passive House and Active House certification from the relevant bodies. Furthermore, the project is shortlisted for the Active House Awards 2018, as well as featuring in exhibitions, conventions and publications in the sector. 

L&L Luce&Light provided the lighting in the outdoor areas of the residential complex. In particular, the company was responsible for lighting the portico, where it installed Bright 2.8 fixtures with ±15°-adjustable optics at the foot of the columns and in the ceiling, lighting the access ramp and stairs with Bright 1.0.

Bright 2.8 fixtures were also used in the terraces and container gardens that surround every apartment. The lighting in this area is finished with outdoor projectors, 3000K with 38° optics, fixed on stakes in the containers. Their light beams are directed on the vegetation to create shadow effects on the perimeter walls of the building complex.

Other L&L lighting fixtures are recessed into the paving of the ramp that leads to the garages. Here, the choice fell to Bright 6.8, 13W fixtures with asymmetrical optics, which direct the light emission onto the building’s outer perimeter wall.

DALI-controlled L&L fixtures were installed behind the facade windows and recessed into the wooden slatted flooring of the terraces. They are configured for four different scenarios, based on the time of day, to improve efficiency and optimise the system’s power consumption.

Landscape Architect: arch. Anja Werner
Passive House certification: Passive House Institute Italia – eng. Marco Boscolo
Active House certification: Active House Italia – arch. Samuel Buraschi
Multi-Comfort Building: Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort Program
Energetic class A4 – nearly zero-energy building

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