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L&L helps tell the story of the evolution of light at the 2015 edition of Lights in Alingsås

The evolution of light through the ages is the theme of Lights in Alingsås 2015, the celebrated European festival dedicated to lighting.

From 25 September, the little Swedish town of Alingsås is home to a trail of outdoor light installations: the result of an exciting collaboration between international lighting designers and 60 students of lighting design and architecture from all over the world. Their creations will be on display for five weeks to the 85,000 visitors to the event every year.

L&L will be there as a technical sponsor, supporting the designers and students who are creating the light installations. Each installation will describe another of the important milestones in the scientific study of light and how the conception and role of light have changed over the years. For L&L, whose LED fixtures also feature in the installations, the festival is another chance to compare notes with people who work with light on a daily basis, and others who have decided to dedicate their future to the lighting sector.

25 September–1 November

Alingsås, Sweden