L&L @ PLDC 2015 - Simon Simos’ conference

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L&L is pleased to present Simon Simos’ conference:

Using daylight shading devices for the night-time facade illumination of a transparent building
Friday, 30th October 2015, h 15:45

PLDC is the meeting place for lighting designers, architects, researchers and professionals working in the lighting industry.
L&L is this year’s edition Silver Sponsor and will meet and exchange ideas with the lighting professionals attending the event.
The ‘Light and Culture’ topic holds a place of regard during the symposium: it will allow attendees to reflect on how light has been considered in the different cultures and how this different perception has influenced lighting design.

“Maximum daylight penetration in an office building is never the right solution. Unfortunately, however, architectural trends are rarely in line with scientific considerations but more often driven by aesthetic considerations and technical prowess. Very large glass buildings are in fashion. In such cases there are two main issues to consider: How do we address thermal or glare issues arising from sunlight? And how can we illuminate buildings with totally transparent exterior walls during night-time?” Simon Simos

Simon Simos is an architect specialising in the design and application of natural and artificial light. Holding a PhD of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, his main focus is the interaction between form, light and space.
Active both in the field of lighting design and in teaching he has realised various lighting projects in Switzerland, France, Greece, Syria, Egypt. His ambition is to share his passion for beauty, light and the quality of life in living areas.