L&L @ Light + Building 2016 | #Akroexperience

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The stand’s first floor was entirely dedicated to the Akro Experience, giving visitors the practical experience of working with the new Akro projector, presented for the first time at Light+Building.

Here they were able to experiment with light, playing with lighting a stylised skyline by training one or both of the device’s projectors on it, adjusting the zoom lens, and applying up to two optical filters per projector selected from the wide array of available filters.

Akro is a projector that uses LED technology. It has a manually adjustable beam and is designed to house two optical filters. 
The enormous versatility of optical performance is now also available for outdoor applications, in a single projector.

Thanks to the diaphragms in the optical body, the available optical ranges  are 8°–34° and 18°-36°. Different types of filters can be applied to these to shape and colour the light beam, and vary its colour temperature:  elliptical, diffusion, dichroic and chromatic.