The trail that captivates and confounds the senses

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At Fuorisalone, we’re inverting your usual point of view and inviting you to a new perception of nature, courtesy of an installation by lighting designers lucearchitettura that focuses on light and its ability to arouse emotions.


“The idea of hiding the products from view as much as possible in order to focus attention on Light, and force visitors to “understand” the space and not accept it blindly, informs the emotions that guided us in the development of this concept”


SENSNES is the immersive trail where light changes the rules of perception, offering your senses new and amazing possibilities. Nothing is left to chance and nothing is as it seems: everything appears back to front and extraordinarily new. “The first thing you encounter is a space where you enter and walk on the sky”, say Cinzia Todeschini and Lorella Marconi, lucearchitettura’s lighting designers.

What greets your sight, and your other senses, is a journey that generates an active enjoyment of nature.

The vertical element of the facade, inspired by contemporary timber-clad dwellings that reveal their interiors almost casually, acts as a filter, while the interior is characterized by plays of light created by combining video projections, Goccia fixtures and sounds.

Light is at the centre of everything, guiding the viewer to discover new and intense emotions. “The deliberate exit is in a setting where the sky is once again at your feet, to convey the importance of never ceasing to dream.”

Those who instead prefer to keep their feet on the ground and view the new products and innovations that will launch in 2023 can come along to our stand at Euroluce.