Akro and Siri Track win the German Design Award 2018. Pasito awarded the Special Mention

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Akro, Siri Track 2.0 and Pasito 1.0 win the German Design Award 2018, Excellent Product Design – Category: Lighting.

The German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, bestows the German Design Award. The prize was established in 1953 and it honours innovative products, their manufacturers and designers, who have made pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.

A jury of 25 independent experts drawn from industry, higher education, the world of design and the media selected the winners, choosing in each of the 29 categories the products that stood out in terms of design, quality of materials, functionality and sustainability. Categories range from Furniture to Lifestyle and Fashion. 

Akro and Siri Track 2.0. received the award in the category Lighting. Special Mention for Pasito 1.0

The award ceremony will take place on February the 9th in the context of the fair Ambiente 2018, in Frankfurt.

Akro // Projector for outdoor applications

Akro projector is a lighting system with LED technology, designed by L&L to offer the architectural lighting community indoor optical performance for exterior use. The body houses a system of optics allowing manual variation of the zoom: beam widths between 13°—32° or 16°—42°. The enormous versatility of the Akro allows for multiple filter combinations such as elliptical, diffusion, dichroic and colour temperature conversion. The range is also provided with anti-glare accessories.

Siri Track 2.0 // Projector for indoor applications

Siri Track is a track projector by L&L designed for versatile use in exhibitions and retail environments. Its special feature is the range of practical adjustment options offered by the interchangeable optical filters that come with the product (11°, 18°, 29°, 55°, 24°x55°). They allow you to easily change the type of light beam based on the object on display. With this in mind, the projector also has a manual dimmer on the back so that you can independently select the desired light intensity.

Pasito 1.0 // Outdoor step light

Featuring a pared-down, concealed” design: when flush recessed, Pasito disappears into the wall, focusing attention on the light output alone.

Thanks to the extremely wide-angle 150°x90° asymmetrical optics, the fixtures can be installed up to 5 m apart (installation h 800 mm), thus reducing the number of fixtures required to light long paths. The controlled downward beam reduces light spill to a minimum.

Pasito 1.0, 3000K, 10W, asymmetrical 150°x90°, grey, distance between fixtures: 3,5 m