Bright 3.0 316L - Recessed for underwater applications



The Bright 316L family of recessed fixtures is extending its range: Bright 3.0 316L. This new model is available with white light or in an RGB version.

A choice of two wattages for the white-light version:
- 7W
- 9W

IP68 ingress protection, suitable for use in swimming pools, fountains and seawater

The 7W and RGB versions are also suitable for use out of water

Bright 3.0 316L, 3000K, 9W, 45° - 68°

Technical data

7W / 9W
max 5W (RGB version)

Power supply:
max 500mA (RGB version)

LED colour:  2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGB

Lumen output at source:
683 lm (3000K, 7W)
845 lm (3000K, 9W)
RGB: 253 lm, R: 82 lm G: 114 lm B: 57 lm (500mA)

Delivered lumen output:
463 lm (3000K, 34°, 7W)
595 lm (3000K, 34°, 9W)
RGB: 191 lm, R: 70 lm G: 90 lm B: 31 lm (500mA, 34°)

11°, 34°, 45°, 68°, 13°x52°
20°, 34°, 45°, 21°x42° (RGB version)

Ingress protection: IP68
Impact resistance: IK10

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