Bitpop C | Ceiling mounted for indoor applications

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Bitpop C is the new family of ceiling-mounted fixtures for indoor applications, available in the versions: single optics, 4 optics arranged in a square or 4 optics in a line.

The Bitpop C range features recessed optics, to guarantee greater visual comfort, and a choice of two finishes – white or black – for the fixture’s body.

The recessed optics with a low UGR value have been designed specifically to guarantee the user's visual comfort in the workplace (UGR < 10 for 17° and 30° optics).

LED colour: 2700K (CRI 90), 3000K (CRI 90), 4000K (CRI 80)

Lumen output at source:

Bitpop C 1.0: 480 lm (3000K)
Bitpop C 2.2: 1400 lm (3000K)
Bitpop C 4.1:1400 lm (3000K)

Delivered lumen output:

Bitpop C 1.0: 335 lm (3000K, 30°)
Bitpop C 2.2: 992 lm (3000K, 30°)
Bitpop C 4.1: 992 lm (3000K, 30°)

: 17°, 30°, 42°, 17°x45°

Body in aluminium, trim in steel

Bitpop C 4.1, 3000K, 18W, 42°, white