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Smoothy 2.4, 3000K, 7W, 45°
Project by New Image Kft.
Bonvital Wellness & Gastro Hotel Hévíz, Hévíz, Hungary



New optics, new wattages, new versions: the Smoothy family of outdoor recessed lighting fixtures has had a makeover

New optics

The different versions come with a wide range of optics, including very narrow 5°, narrow 8° and elliptical optics.

Sharp optics are also available, which create light beams with pin-sharp edges.

The most powerful model also has elliptical optics that can be adjusted manually using the magnet provided (patent pending).

New wattages

The entire Smoothy family uses CRI 80 or 90 LEDs, for improved colour rendering, offers a choice of different wattages.

Anti-glare accessories

Anti-glare accessories complete the range: a new screen that is half transparent and half serigraphed black, and a honeycomb louvre.

Smoothy 2.4, 4000K, 7W, 8°

Technical data

Smoothy 1.0 / 1.6: 13°, 22°, 30°, 35° sharp, 48°, diffuse

Smoothy 2.4: 5° (3,5W), 8°, 11°, 17°, 21° sharp, 34°, 45°, 61° sharp, 13°x52°, diffuse

Smoothy 2.4 (RGB version): 20°, 34°, 45°, 21°x42° 

Smoothy 2.8: 13°, 22°, 30°, 35° sharp, 48° (tiltable optics ±15°)

Smoothy 5.4: 16°, 21°, 38°, 48° sharp, 55°, 16°x69° adjustable, diffuse

Smoothy 5.6: 5° (3,5W), 8°, 11°, 17°, 21° sharp, 34°, 45°, 61° sharp, 13°x52° (tiltable optics ±15°)

Smoothy 5.6 (RGB version): 20°, 34°, 45°, 21°x42° (tiltable optics±15°) 

Screen in tempered, transparent glass (optics version) or in sandblasted, tempered extra-clear glass (diffuse version).

IPS - Intelligent Protection System: The IPS protects lighting fixtures from water infiltrations, which can occur if there are faulty junctions between the cables in outdoor or underwater applications. This innovation, patented by L&L, also guarantees electrical protection against polarity reversal, hot plugging, ESD and power surges, which can occur if there are faults in the electrical circuit.
PID - Protective Impedance Device: The PID protects lighting fixtures from electrical phenomena external to the system, such as static electricity accumulation or electromagnetic interference coming from the mains power. Generally, these are events with a low energy content (Smoothy 2.4).