Bright 1.A / 1.B - Outdoor recessed

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New radial optics now available
for the Bright 1 family

6 light beam configurations:
1x60°, 2x60°, 3x60°, 4x60°, 1x120°, 1x180°

Two types of power supply available:
Bright 1.A: max 700mA
Bright 1.B: 24Vdc

Body and trim in AISI 316L stainless steel
Finish in micro-blasted stainless steel

Bright 1.A, 3000K, 2W, 4x60°

Technical data

Bright 1.A: max 2W
Bright 1.B: 2.5W / 3.5W

Power supply:

Bright 1.A: max 700mA
Bright 1.B: 24Vdc

LED colour:
2700K, 3000K, 4000K, blue

Lumen output at source:

Bright 1.A: 220 lm (3000K, 700mA)
Bright 1.B:
171 lm (3000K, 2.5W),
220 lm (3000K, 3.5W)

Delivered lumen output:

Bright 1.A: 56 lm (3000K, 700mA, 4x60°)
Bright 1.B:
38 lm (3000K, 4x60°, 2,5W), 
56 lm (3000K, 4x60°, 3,5W)