Ciak - Indoor recessed

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A line of adjustable, recessed downlights whose optical unit can be rotated through 350° around its vertical axis and tilted up to 70°, so that the light beam can be directed with great precision.

Thanks to its particularly low height, Ciak lends itself to installation in shallow shelves such as those in shop windows and display cabinets, taking into account the volumes necessary for efficient heat transfer.

Unique Selling Points

  • Wide range The Ciak family consists of two versions of wattages and dimensions: 1.5W/2.5W, with a diameter of 55 mm, and 5W, with a diameter of 70 mm. Each version is available with or without an anti-glare snoot

  • Adjustability of optical unit Rotation up to 350° around the vertical axis // Tiltable up to 70° along the horizontal axis

  • CRI 90 version The entire Ciak family uses a LED with a high colour rendering index

  • Shallow setting The fixtures’ reduced height, 22 mm (Ciak 1) and 30 mm (Ciak 2), means that they can be recessed into shallow thicknesses such as shelving for shop windows and display cabinets, taking into account the necessary heat-transfer volumes

  • Available finishes The Ciak range is available in black anodized aluminium, painted white, or with your choice of RAL finish
Ciak 1.6, 3000K, 52°, black