Plin 4 / 5 - Single-beam bollards

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Circular head and cylindrical body for the new bollards in the Plin family

Plin 4: head tilted by 23° and diffuse optics
Plin 5: horizontal head and asymmetrical optics

Available in three heights


Body in steel and head in anticorodal aluminium

5-step material protection, and oxidation and corrosion resistance:
- Preparation for painting with ALODINE NT-E® coating
- Epoxy paint
- Polyester paint
- Paints compliant with Qualicoat automotive coating standard
- Tested in saline mist (over 1000 hours)

Screen in serigraphed, tempered extra-clear glass

Plin 4.0, 3000K, 8W, antracite

Technical data

Plin 5.1, 3000K, 8W, anthracite

Power: 8W

Power supply: 

LED colour: 
2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Lumen output at source: 
488 lm (3000K)

Delivered lumen output:

Plin 4: 423 lm (3000K)
Plin 5: 173 lm (3000K)