Let me show you the way – light-filled paths to guide our steps

Let me show you the way: with these words, we invite someone to follow us as we guide them to their destination. We turn our backs on our companion and start leading the way, possibly with a wave of our hand to indicate where we are heading. We like to think that the lighting for outdoor walks and paths plays the same role as that gesture when we are in a new place being guided by a touch of light.

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Drive-over linear profile with built-in power supply for architectural lighting for urban facades and residential exteriors. Three different configurations: recessed flush for a minimalist look, recessed with rebated frame, or surface mounted with brackets. All the optics and built-in anti-glare accessories can tilted by ±20°.

In addition to the usual colour temperatures, 2200K white light is now available as standard in the L&L catalogue for the first time.

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