The Bucharest Municipality Museum – Sutu Palace

LocationBucharest, Romania
Light planningLuceDomotica

The Bucharest Municipality Museum came into being in June 1921 and over time became an important cultural reference point in Bucharest. Over the years the Museum changed location several times, finally finding a permanent venue in the form of Sutu Palace, acquired at the end of 1956 and officially opened as the museum’s headquarters three years later.

Sutu Palace dates back to 1833 and is one of the oldest aristocratic residences in Bucharest, having remained essentially unchanged for more than 150 years. The building covers two floors (ground floor and first floor) and has an imposing entrance with two towers on the sides.

The edifice is lit with a number of different L&L products; the light planning was managed by LuceDomotica. At the entrance, Bright 5.F  outdoor recessed lighting fixtures, with 18° optics, are installed on either side, at the building's base.

The towers that rise from the first floor are lit with the outdoor projectors, with 10° optics and a 3000K LED colour, positioned at the base of the towers, between the windows. They create a particularly “dramatic” effect, giving the building an even more imposing appearance.

Other outdoor recessed fixtures, Bright 3.G, encircle the museum's perimeter, installed at the base of the pilasters, to the side of the windows. With their 12° optics and 3000K warm white light, they highlight the pilasters’ distinctive conformation of protruding, rough-textured bricks alternating with smooth, flat surfaces.

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