Palazzo Chiericati

LocationVicenza, Italy

Palazzo Chiericati is a building of the early maturity of Andrea Palladio.

Designed in the mid-sixteenth century by the noble family of Chiericati and completed at the end of the seventeenth century, the palace is a milestone in the career of architect Palladio.

Backing onto a large open area known as the square of the island, as it is bordered by the rivers  Bacchiglione and Retrone, the building is shaped like a suburban villa with a majestic urban front that echoes an ancient Roman forum, thanks to the double order of loggias.

The Municipality di Vicenza bought it from the noble Chiericati family in 1839 to house the city’s art collection. 
The building now houses the Painting and Sculpture Collections, the Drawings and Prints Rooms and the Numismatics Room.

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