Plaza del Parrote

LocationA Coruña, Spain
ApplicationPaths and steps
Light planningAlve Iluminación

The area around the tourist port of A Coruña is one of the city’s best-known squares. The buildings surrounding it have the glass façades, designed by the architect Juan de Ciórraga, that are typical of the late 19th century.

The city takes its nickname of City of Glass from the architecture in this area because the buildings consist of structures in iron, wood and glass. The style is eclectic, with maritime references, reflecting the method by which ships’ sterns were constructed in the 18th century. The middle classes of the time took inspiration from this system when protecting their own houses from the sea, wind and humid marine air.

The aim of the restoration of this part of the port was to connect the city centre with its “marine façade” through an open space leading to the sea, with a predominantly pedestrian zone given over to leisure and cultural activities. It connects the city to the sea but more importantly it connects the sea to the city for the many tourists who arrive at the port on board cruise ships.

Lighting plays a vital role in the redevelopment process that has led to Plaza del Parrote once again becoming one of the city’s most important areas. The lighting design was entrusted to Alve Iluminación (A Coruña); to emphasise the square’s structure and its important role as a thoroughfare, the studio chose the Rio linear profile.

Rio is ideal for step and pathway lighting in urban settings: it has an IP67 rating, can withstand traffic loads and guarantees no dark zones between fixtures.

Rio is made of stainless steel and PMMA, with an outer casing in aluminium or stainless steel. It can be installed both in the ground and in walls. It is dimmable, with a range of colour temperatures (2600K, 2800K or 3700K), and is available in different lengths of up to 2010 mm. The fixture is equipped with an NTC temperature sensor built into the circuit, and an IPS (Intelligent Protection System) device, which offers protection from water infiltrations and other common installation issues.

For the Plaza del Parrote, 66 x Rio 1.2 lighting fixtures were installed, each 1010 mm long and with a colour temperature of 2800K.

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