Caméo Moscow Villas

LocationMoscow, Russia
ApplicationPaths and steps
ProjectArchitectural Bureau WALL
Light planningKA2 Light Architecture
Landscape designArteza

This large residential complex, in Moscow’s central Tverskoy district, is made up of seventeen private villas, the work of Architectural Bureau WALL. A different architectural solution was developed for each building’s facade, consisting sometimes of walls with arches repeated on several levels, sometimes of elevations consisting of rectangular spaces. The green spaces were designed by landscape design studio Arteza, which structured the communal garden with plenty of plants and shrubs arranged in flowerbeds: the seasonal changes in the chosen vegetation’s foliage colours balance the white marble facades of the villas.

KA2 Light Architecture contributed to the complex’s lighting design with its choice of Plin 1.1 bollards in an anthracite finish and a customized height of 50 cm for the garden area. The bollards, with their simple and minimalist design, feature a head angled at 45° for a controlled downward light emission. Positioned at the edge of the flowerbeds, the fixtures illuminate the walkways, ensuring the safety of the paths leading to the entrances to the villas.

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