Boutique Casadei

LocationFlorence, Milan, Rome, Italy
Projectarch. Claudio Pironi & Partners

Casadei boutiques, designed by architect Claudio Pironi, feature a number of carefully tailored, quintessential elements. These elements create a unique and enticing atmosphere, illed with light and relections, which are intensiied by particular components within the stores.
A common and very important element is the large number of dimmable light fittings installed behind a suspended, semi-mirrored glass wall, screen-printed with an asymmetrical striped ‘millerighe’ pattern. These lights (up to 1000, depending on the boutique) have a colour temperature of 3000K and therefore are highly effective, as can be seen in the images.
In Rome, gem-set leds positioned behind the shop logo transform it into a precious jewel, which is sparkling light and is capturing the observers.
Three other Luce&Light lighting installations tailor-made for Casadei stand out in the Florence boutique: the wooden panels covering the stairs expose lighting beneath the treads as well as, behind the counter, stripleds emphasize a composition made of slender wood and mirror panels.
Moreover, the waxed and sandblasted Afromosia wooden panels composing the Boiserie are angled, leaving ish-gill-like openings, which within have been encased special accent lighting also of 3000K warm colour temperature.

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