Art & Caffeine, Faema Flagship Store

LocationMilan, Italy
Projecttraverso-vighy architetti
Light planningtraverso-vighy architetti
PhotoAlessandra Chemollo

Art & Caffeine is the first flagship store of Faema, the legendary Milanese coffee machine brand. It’s a creative meeting space for discussing and sharing everything to do with coffee culture.

The space has been created by the renovation of a warehouse in a small industrial zone in via Forcella that arose between 1891 and 1931 along the Milan–Vigevano railway line. The entire project, the work of the traverso-vighy architetti architectural practice, has seen the deliberate use of “raw” materials in line with those originally used in the nineteenth-century factory: raised floors in charred larch, rough-iron display structures and stencil graphics on the walls. And all enriched by the element of light, the project’s main material, used to enhance the different operational areas. It has been manipulated in various ways to adapt it to the natural exterior light and hallmark people’s experience of the space’s different uses.

Beams of cool light pick out the stainless steel surfaces of the Faema espresso machines, while warm, diffuse lights bathe the work surfaces and cup racks. The warehouse's antique walls are lit with a grazing, changing light that is integrated into the floor (Neva 5, RGB) to highlight the textures of the old plastered brick walls, and to be able to vary the way the space is perceived depending on the activities in progress.

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