When Time Dreams, The Company Studios

LocationMilan, Italy
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

The exhibition When time dreams, held at The Company Studios and curated by Mano Leyrado, presents pieces from nine international artists, who have each interpreted the theme of archaeology in their own way. The works open a dialogue between past and present, ancient and modern.

The installation of When time dreams presents unconventional elements compared to our traditional understanding of art galleries. The steel structures are reminiscent of displays of archaeological finds, while fluorescent tubes illuminate the entire room with an even light. This flat, uniform, white environment transports the visitor into a dreamlike dimension, where space and time seem suspended. This impression is accentuated by the stylistic choice of leaving the cables and electrical sockets in plain view of visitors.

As the project’s technical sponsor, L&L supplied lighting fixtures suited to the museum sector – compact, adjustable and with CRI>90 – and able to relate to the artistic installation’s highly original style. The finishes, the unusual way the recessed fixtures are installed and the visibility of the cables and electrical sockets combine to make the L&L fixtures of a piece with the exhibition.

Wall 7.0 (25° optics), with a chrome pole, complements the steel trolley it stands on, lighting two bronze sculptures. Eyes 2 recessed fixtures, with 36°optics and a white satin finish, are secured by cable ties to a shelving unit, leaving the fixing springs visible. A Krill 2.4 projector, with zoom lens, is positioned in the centre of the same unit without the need for drilling, thanks to its magnetic base. The different vivid colours of the minerals displayed on the pink shelving are enhanced by the high-CRI LED light sources of these fixtures.

Ultra-compact Gem 2.1 projectors (42° optics), placed on one of the room’s supporting columns and directed at the photographic work hanging on the wall, generate delicate gleams and shadows on the piece, accentuating its sense of three-dimensionality.

Unlike the lighting in conventional art exhibitions, there is no attempt at contrasting accent lighting that would pick out the individual pieces in an intimate atmosphere. Instead, delicate hints of light enhance the artistic artefacts and bring vitality to the flat, homogeneous illumination from the fluorescent tubes.



Artists exhibited:

Hunter Longe, United States
Griffini in Tamborini, Italy
Joshua Goode, United States
Nicolau Dos Santos, Portugal / Stephanie Blanchard, France
Yunsun Kim, Korea
Anna Zachariades, Germany
Flavia Visconte, Argentina
Julia Pereyra, Argentina

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