Railyard Park

LocationRogers, Arkansas, US
ProjectRoss Barney Architects

Railyard Park is a public park designed by the Chicago-based firm Ross Barney Architects as part of the urban redevelopment of a large area next to the historic centre of Rogers, a town in Arkansas.

While developing the idea for the project, the architects surveyed the townspeople, digitally and in person, and found that they wanted a new space in the city where they could meet during their leisure time. The result is a public area made up of squares and spaces along the railway line that has run through the city since the 19th century.

The building at the heart of this redevelopment is the Butterfield Stage, a large pavilion, with a special multi-pitched roof, intended for outdoor concerts and events. To provide the uniform lighting for this large, covered space, the architects chose to use Rio 1.2 linear profiles, fixed to the white beams of the metal structure.

Alongside the pavilion, other spaces have been constructed, such as Frisco Plaza, home to the local farmers’ market, the nearby Playard, a children’s play area with colourful surfaces, and the Water Plaza. In the latter, water features have been created below the old cisterns once used to fill the tanks of steam trains, and now decorated with illustrations by three internationally renowned artists.

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