Salvagnini Campus

LocationSarego, Vicenza, Italy
Projecttraverso-vighy architetti
Light planningtraverso-vighy architetti
PhotoAlessandra Chemollo

Salvagnini Campus is a place for training, business meetings and international research. This industrial regeneration project within the Salvagnini Group hub draws energy and value from its social and environmental reconnection with its surroundings. The new buildings are designed to maximise the quality of the experience of both the people working there and those who visit the company.

In this project, traverso-vighy architetti applied their own “light” digital design and construction method, which combines the concepts of economy of resources, sustainability and future reversibility with the use of traditional materials such as steel, wood and glass. The Campus consists of a series of buildings – the main ones being the Showroom and the Academy – that are energy self-sufficient and connected by pathways and visual axes within the large, unfenced public park. The Academy acts as the meeting point between the company and external visitors. Inside, conference rooms and workstations are organised to maximise privacy and encourage individual work, while sharing views of the landscape and the common square.

The foyer of the theatre on the first floor of the Academy is supported on Y-shaped wooden columns that create a focal point of the company coffee bar overlooking the courtyard. At the point where the columns bifurcate, two Siri 3.0 projectors with customized asymmetrical optics (usually mounted on Siri Blvd urban lighting fixtures) are directed at the ceiling. The projectors highlight the length of the structure’s soffit, made entirely of CNC-machined CLT panels set on steel frames, and provide indirect light to the bar space.

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