Private residence

LocationFoggia, Italy
Projectarch. Anna Caprarella
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

This modern apartment is the result of an extensive renovation carried out by architect Anna Caprarella, an undertaking that altered the structure’s initial spaces by redistributing them and creating a large open space with a living area and open kitchen. The architectural concept developed by Caprarella has at its heart the idea of chromatic contrast, achieved by alternating the light tones of the walls and furnishings with the dark surfaces of the kitchen and the walnut parquet floor. The element of light has been integrated with the furnishings to enhance the apartment’s rooms: the architect has chosen minimalist L&L lighting fixtures chromatically matched to the colour palette.

The entrance features a large mosaic with white floral motifs on a black background; the panel is accent lit by a small, ceiling-mounted Ginko 1.0 projector to the front of it. A passageway leads to the large living area, where it was decided to use Versa 2.0 double-beam wall-mounted fixtures with diffused optics for a soft and uniform light emission. For the contiguous kitchen, the Brenta linear profile was chosen, installed flush with the ceiling in a corner configuration that mirrors the clear floor area in the kitchen. In addition, the peninsula counter is picked out by Kora 1.0 suspended lighting fixtures, arranged next to each other. This solution illuminates the work surface, while the fixtures’ vertical lines echo the suspended extractor hood.

The fixtures in the apartment’s other rooms continue the colour and style of those in the living area: the hallway is indirectly lit by an Ella IN 2.0 single-beam wall-mounted fixture directed towards the ceiling, while Teko 7.0 ceiling-mounted fixtures with diffused optics fill the bathroom with a homogeneous light. There is a second mosaic panel in the bathroom. In this case, an Ello IN 2.0 ceiling-mounted fixture lights the panel’s dark floral patterns, making them pop against the pearly tiles of the background. Finally, the linearity of the hallway is interrupted by a narrow, rectangular niche, its depth enhanced by the blade of light from the Lyss Mini 1.0 projector positioned at floor level.


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