Circle Wood

LocationIzabelin, Warsaw, Poland
ProjectPrzemek Olczyk, Mobius Architekci
PhotoPaweł Ulatowski

Deep in the dense forest that extends to the west of Warsaw nestles the private residence of an art lover and collector who wanted a home that evoked the ample spaces of art galleries.

So the Przemysław Olczyk Mobius Architekci architectural practice of Warsaw and Krakow designed a solution based on light and geometry to combine the intimacy of a private home with the majesty of a cultural institution.

The house evokes the cross-section of a tree trunk; in it, the residential areas are located closer to the circumference, while the centre of the structure contains a square courtyard with a green lawn.

In the bird’s-eye view, our drive-over Rondò lighting fixtures with radial light are visible bottom right, marking the entrance to the garages.

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