Villa Covri

LocationBrtonigla, Croatia
ProjectBoris Ruzic
PhotoRajan Milosevic / Koridor 27

Built in the 16th century, Villa Covri was completely restored in 2017 at the hand of one of Croatia’s leading designers, Boris Ruzic.

The old beams that have framed this beautiful villa for centuries were also restored, while the old stone has been put to new use. Marble of the highest quality from Istrian quarries was used to decorate the house. The interior combines traditional Istrian with modern industrial style (adapted from Archilovers).

Bright 2.4 recessed fixtures highlight the exterior of the stone walls with a warm light (2700K), and 11° narrow or 45° medium optics depending on the area to be lit. The stainless steel finish complements the elegant, minimalist context.

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