Church of Santissimo Crocifisso (church of the Holy Crucifix)

LocationFoggia, Italy
Light planningEmanuele Scaringi, Garofoli
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

The church of Santissimo Crocifisso (church of the Holy Crucifix) in Orta Nova is an outstanding example of modern architecture, developed on a central plan with lowered ceilings in the pew areas, semicircular side aisles and a large chancel designed to draw the eyes of the faithful to it. 

The religious building was the subject of a renovation that involved the entire edifice; as the church is a recent construction (1995), it was also possible to develop a lighting design free from structural constraints. The lighting was devised to highlight the various spaces in the building: for the nave, the design implemented Stinger projectors from the L&L Basic collection fixed to tracks that follow the curves of the ceiling, which is lower in this area.

The nave is separated from the semicircular side aisles by a series of columns on which Intono 4.2 double-beam wall-mounted fixtures are installed, with wall-grazing optics for the upper beam and asymmetrical optics pointing downwards, a lighting solution designed to make the most of the ceilings’ modest height and put indirect lighting into play. For the side aisles, soft, uniform lighting was chosen, obtained with Turis 1.1 diffuse-light recessed downlights. Above each of the side altars, two Ciak 2.7 adjustable recessed fixtures with 32° optics are positioned in the ceiling to exalt the religious statuary on the pedestals. Thanks to its adjustable body, Ciak can rotate through up to 350° along its vertical axis and tilt up to 70° along its horizontal axis, so it was possible to direct their light output very precisely.

The lighting was completed with other track-mounted, DALI-controlled Stinger projectors on the nave walls, directed towards the chancel, and with Ella IN 3.0 wall-mounted fixtures. The latter are installed with spacers above the large windows in the upper part of the nave to light both the vault ceiling and the stained-glass windows. The fixtures enhance the colours of the glass and make the windows visible from outside the church.

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