Botaniq Castle

LocationTura, Hungary
Light planning3F Project
PhotoHlinka Zsolt

Botaniq Castle in Tura, Pest County, Hungary, has been returned to its former glory after a restoration that involved transforming the entire building from an erstwhile aristocratic residence into a modern luxury hotel. The lighting design for the exteriors was carried out by Budapest-based lighting design studio 3F Project.

In the main entrance, customers are greeted by an imposing arched entrance flanked by a tall, cylindrical tower with a series of rectangular windows along its whole height. On the sills of each window in the entrance and the tower, and on those of the arched dormer windows, 3000K, 7W Lyss 1.0 projectors were installed. Their 20°x180° frosted optics create a semi-circular blade of light that emphasises the windows’ internal profile.

The castle complex includes a building with a square floor plan that houses the restaurant. Each of its sides is further embellished by three large windows overlooking the terrace and outdoor pool. To emphasise the stone balustrades that mark the contours of this building, 3000K Trevi linear profiles with 40° optics were used, in different lengths. The same lighting solution was adopted to light the other stone parapets that outline the castle’s walls.

On the first floor of the structure housing the restaurant, 3000K, 16W Siri 2.0 projectors, with 40° optics in a customized DALI version, are directed at the circular windows, with their curved cornices adorned with stone coats of arms.

The renovation also included the extensive park, made up of over ten hectares of greenery that frame this magnificent hotel. The project aimed at restoring these grounds to their original form of an English landscape garden, by planting new trees and renovating the old paths that used to cross the lawns. To light these paths, 3000K, 12W Plin 2.1 bollards were installed at regular intervals. These feature a 90° tilted head that holds the light source with diffuse asymmetrical optics.

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