Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center

LocationNiamey, Niger
ProjectAVCI Architects
Light planningOnOff

In 2019, the capital of Niger witnessed the inauguration of two central structures: the modernised airport and the hotel Radisson Blu, the first international hotel chain in the country and the first five-star hotel, located in a central area near the Parliament and the Presidential Palace.

The Istanbul-based ON|OFF studio, which oversaw the lighting project, wanted to mark out the facade of the new hotel with accent lights, to create a rhythmic pattern of warm light on the wall, punctuated here and there by the glow of the guest rooms.

To achieve these accent effects, the studio used Pivot projectors finished in cor-ten on red brick. The projectors were chosen both for their minimalist design and for their ease of installation, as they have only one fixing point on the bracket.

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