Private residence

LocationComo, Italy
Light planningImat Felco Como
Executed byPunto Luce di Simonetti Wimmer
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

The pared-down, modern look of this residential project in Como is enhanced by the lighting chosen for both the interior and the exterior of the house.

The living area is a large open space dominated by the light colours of the walls and parquet floor. Large glazed openings offer views of the garden outside. A partition with integrated dark-wood bookcase and light-coloured wall units separates the living area from the home’s other rooms. To light this zone, the choice fell to Turis 1.0 downlights with diffuse optics and a soft, uniform output as befits the context of a private home.

The exterior of the house is characterised by light-coloured surfaces combined with dark grey stone walls. The chosen lighting highlights the stone surface with a wall-grazing effect that underlines the surfaces’ materiality. In particular, River 2 linear profiles with 3000K white light and 30° optics, recessed flush with the paving, were used to light the walls. The pillars supporting the external portico of the house are lit by Bright 3.G recessed fixtures, in a version with 20° optics that are tiltable ±10°, a feature that means their output can be directed at the architectural element in such a way that it lights its entire width.

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