The Violins’ Forest by Piuarch, INTERNI HUMAN SPACES, Fuorisalone 2019

LocationCortile d'Onore courtyard, University of Milan, Milan, Italy

L&L Luce&Light participated in the 2019 edition of Fuorisalone as the technical sponsor of the artistic installation “La foresta dei violini” designed by the Piuarch architectural practice and displayed in the Central Courtyard of the University of Milan as part of the event INTERNI HUMAN SPACES.

The work was conceived to symbolise the significance of the Norway Spruce in the Val di Fiemme. One of the main valleys of eastern Trentino, the Val di Fiemme was swept away in violent storms on 30 October 2018. That day, forests of inestimable value were lost, including the Paneveggio forest, also known as the “Stradivari forest”. This place is famous for its “resonance spruce”, which produce a wood with extraordinary characteristics, used since time immemorial to make the sound boxes of violins and chosen by Stradivari for his masterpieces.

La foresta dei violini” is an installation that bears witness to violated nature, with architecture acting as a support. The project uses two large spruce trunks that emerge from the loggia in the Central Courtyard, lit by two Stra P 1.0 projectors, 31.0 37W 3000K 30°, which have graduations on the bracket that allow them to be pointed very precisely. A third Stra P 1.0 projector with the same characteristics lights the roots, which overhang the balustrade and are suspended in the air above the courtyard. To light the wooden trestle that supports the tree trunks, four anthracite-coloured Ginko 3.0 projectors, 15W 3000K 13°, have been used, directed at the uprights of the wooden structure.

The lighting concept aims to exalt the artistry and expressive drama of the tree trunks, which are held up by a spruce trestle, the simple, universal architectural symbol that is the iconic tool of the worker who builds and repairs.


Project Piuarch

Concept Nemo Monti

With the support of Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, CityLife

Patronage University of Trento, Italian Ministry of the Environment

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