darc night 2018

Light planningBDP
PhotoGavriil Papadiotis

The collaboration between BDP and L&L produced Ouuuuuu, a lighting installation that melded art and technology and was beautifully suited to the Christmas period, when the event was held. The piece aimed to emulate the sparkle and excitement of the Christmas season, while at the same time giving substance to the concept of sustainability through reusing materials.

The team of lighting designers used white-light fixtures with integrated proximity sensors to light up a suspended Christmas tree. The structure was made of suspended triangular planes that together created the tree’s abstract form. Each triangle was made from unused lenses recovered from old L&L products and fixed to clear, laser-cut acrylic supports in a marriage of creativity and sustainability.

The top and bottom of the tree were lit with Neva 6.1 and Neva Mini 6 lighting fixtures. These narrow-optics profiles feature a dynamic white LED colour, whose temperature ranges from amber to 4000K and 5000K. The proximity sensors installed on the devices for the occasion ensured that the transition from warm to cool light took place as people approached the installation, thus creating an interactive experience for the visitors.

“While we thought long and hard about the name for the installation, the expression most used by colleagues when they saw the drawing on the screen and the 2300 lenses in the office was “Ouuuuuu”: we couldn't not use it as the title” (BDP).

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