Villa Monja

In 2015, architects Nikola Novakovic and Radovan Radoman of Enforma completed the project of renovating the interior of Villa Monja, an 18th-century stone building in the Bay of Kotor. The area has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979 and therefore subject to the restrictions associated with the conservation of historic buildings.

The renovation has exploited the transparency of glass to give a contemporary twist to the building, using it to separate the different areas in the structure without creating visual limitations, and to construct a minimalist staircase and landing in glass and steel. The lightness of these innovative elements contrasts with and elevates the ancient stone walls and wooden structures to give the villa a sense of timeless elegance.

The lighting fixtures are in harmony with the architectural project’s minimalist style. White Cube W 1.0 wall-mounted fixtures (3000K, 6W, 28°) are set in the stone, heightening that material’s qualities, while Gem 1.0 (3000K, 2W, 40°) projectors, also in a white finish, punctuate the wooden beams in the living area.

LocationLjuta, Kotor, Montenegro
ProjectEnforma Studio (Nikola Novakovic, Radovan Radoman)
PhotoRelja Ivanic
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