Private residence

LocationBrescia, Italy
Interior designCristian Turra

A unique and exclusive home that stimulates the senses through innovative solutions and materials with a refined and elegant design. This is Casa Marniga, a Brescia residence that has undergone a renovation of the existing building. In it, functionality, art and contemporaneity shine out in every aspect, from those appealing to the senses of the inhabitants right through to the more technical and operational details of the building services and lighting. The lighting is the work of the interior designer Cristian Turra, who chose solutions by L&L Luce&Light to pick out particular details in the interior design, from the living area and the kitchen to the bedroom and the bathroom.

The entrance features lighting defined by entirely recessed Quad 6.3 fixtures, which cast an accent light on the bleached parquet flooring. The same recessed downlights were also used in one of the famously most important areas of the house: the kitchen. A series of Quad 6.3 (18W, 3000K) and Quad 6.2 (12W, 3000K), both with 56° tiltable optics, perfectly reconcile aesthetics and functionality, focusing comfortable lighting precisely where it is needed. The fixtures are all dimmable, so that different lighting scenes can be created as needed.

A warmer light (2700K) was used for the stairway that leads to the mezzanine, utilising Line 1.0 (2W) step lights with diffuse optics installed on the wall. In the bedroom, the lighting designer placed a series of Quad Maxi 2.2, recessed downlights with a 15° tiltable light source at the doorway, to highlight the wardrobe’s fronts and sliding doors. Finally, single-beam Brom 1.0 (2W) wall-mounted fixtures were chosen for the bathroom. With a colour temperature of 3000K and a very narrow light beam (10° optics), these create a wall-washer effect on the walls and sanitary ware for a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

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