Bergen Børs Hotel

LocationBergen, Norway
ProjectClaesson Koivisto Rune
Light planningZenisk: Kristin Bredal og Bao An Pham
Delivered bySML Lighting AS
PhotoPål Hoff

The Bergen Børs Hotel overlooks a square surrounded by three other historic buildings. Originally housing the old stock exchange, the building, which dates back to 1862, was recently renovated by the renowned Swedish architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, while the lighting project was developed by the Norwegian lighting design studio Zenisk. Given the building’s historical significance, and the fact that it is a major landmark in the city, the work of lighting its facade was of primary importance.

Working in close collaboration with the architects and the client – De Bergenske, who own several luxury hotels in the city – the lighting designers created a solution that highlights the contrasts in the materials and architectural elements, and perfectly reflects the hotel's refined interiors. Rather than completely light the entire facade, they have created a careful composition of horizontal and vertical elements so that the shape and volume of the building are easily recognizable. An intelligent use of light and shade ensures that, at night, the building is perceived as an organic whole whose entire outline has been redesigned.

A mix of L&L devices was used to light the different architectural elements: powerful linear profiles – Neva (3000K, 25W, 10°x40°, 616 mm) and Neva Mini (3000K, 9W, 10°x 40°) – were used to foreground the surfaces of the vertical pillars, horizontal frames and exposed red bricks.

At the same time, Trevi linear profiles (3000K, 6W, 313 mm) have the function of completing and harmonising the light intensity. For the gable in relief above the main entrance, the frames above the windows and to outline the columns, Zenisk used Spot 1.0 projectors (3000K, 2W, 20°), which produce a contrasting light, throwing these elements into relief to theatrical effect.

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