Five Smíchov

LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Light planningLumidée

Five is the name of the commercial building constructed in 2017 by the multinational construction company Skanska in Smíchov, Prague’s business district. The complex covers an area of 14000 m2, and its interiors are intended for use as offices. Fittingly, they have a strong industrial vibe, thanks to the use of raw, rough materials and minimal furniture.

Cutting-edge sustainability solutions have been used throughout in the building's design, with the result that Five has been awarded the highest level of green building certification for its energy efficiency and ecological footprint (LEED Platinum Certificate).

Lighting plays an important role in maximising energy savings, and LED fixtures were chosen for the entire building. In the edifice’s spacious reception area, Rio 1 linear profiles in three different lengths – 510 mm, 1010 mm and 2010 mm – are recessed into the rough floor. The profiles, which have a colour temperature of 2800K, create a pattern of diffuse light across the floor. In the waiting area, the profiles are recessed parallel to each other, while in the area that leads to the lifts they weave perpendicularly to each other.

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