L&L @ EXPO 2015


Treasure of biodiversity

The main idea behind the Azerbaijan pavilion is the biosphere, in other words, a system open to external flows while protecting and fostering the development of the life inside. The pavilion has grown from this key idea, composed of three biospheres that are set like jewels into the building’s overall design. The undulating wooden walls wrap around the building, evoking the movement of the wind that is typical of those lands and preserving the pavilion’s microclimate. They also stand as a symbol of the cultural and creative streams that have swept through the country since time immemorial. Azerbaijan is a unique model for biodiversity: within its boundaries are nine of the eleven climates known to exist in the world.

L&L lighting fixtures have been used to light the pavilion’s focal points, such as the spheres themselves (Pivot 1.1 and Spot 4.0) and the green wall (Neva 2.1 and 2.2); in addition to this, numerous recessed lights have been installed in the floors on each level (Bright 1.0, Bright 6.6, Litus 5.2 and Smoothy 5.0).

Food and culture: Educate to Innovate

This is the theme chosen by Angola for its participation in Expo 2015: “Education” to raise awareness in society on the subject of food and its main characteristics, and “innovation” to encourage good practice, knowledge and centuries-old traditions in line with policies of sustainability.

There are many L&L lighting fixtures installed throughout the pavilion, including the recessed uplights Bright 5.0. These were chosen with RGB LEDs, and 20° and 40° optics, and installed at the foot of the huge baobab, around the columns and against the walls. The same fixtures are also installed outside the pavilion, in the entrance area.

Food for Thought – Shaping and Sharing the Future

The UAE Pavilion explores the very real challenges that arise in feeding the planet, particularly in the interwoven topics of land, food, energy and water. It also highlights some of the innovative solutions that the UAE has developed in these areas. 

Designed by Foster + Partners, the striking form of the UAE Pavilion is created by a series of tall rippled walls. These impressive 12-metre structures evoke both the narrow self-shaded streets of the UAE’s historic settlements and the magnificent open sand dunes of its deserts. 3D scans of dune surfaces have informed the wall design to create an authentic texture. These sinuous, curving shapes guide visitors through a range of intriguing spaces and exciting, informative experiences.

Casa Don Bosco

The Salesian Family of Don Bosco was present at Expo Milan 2015 with the pavilion CASA DON BOSCO.

The pavilion’s structure is simple, almost primordial, a quest for the archetypal home, bringing to life a project that aims to be strongly identifying and highly recognisable, almost iconic. Its intention is to be something that everyone can recognise from their own experiences as a home, easy to remember and interpret because it is an image that is already embedded in all our memories.

For maximum environmental sustainability, the materials chosen for CASA DON BOSCO are wood, steel and natural fibres. The pavilion has been designed to be easily dismantled, and is being transported to Ukraine, where it will permanently continue to carry out its mission of home, school, and training centre for young people. It is a Mission that even today continues throughout the world.