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L&L is happy to announce the sponsorship of darc awards, a unique international architectural and decorative lighting design awards concept.

mondo*arc and darc have teamed up with creative consultants Light Collective to create the darc awards; Paul James, awards director and publishing editor of mondo*arc and darc, commented: “We intend to make the darc awards the most accessible and global awards programme ever - after the shortlists have been chosen by an expert panel of international lighting designers, each of the lighting design practices and their designers will be invited to vote on their favourite projects via our specially developed website. Using the model developed by the Oscars where all members vote on their peers' work, the darc awards will give every designer a vote, making this the only truly peer-to-peer lighting design awards in the world.”

“What makes darc radically different from over events?” remarked L&L, “Its main goal of raising awareness about the lighting design profession thanks to an initiative brought about by the international lighting community, that's what. That's why L&L is honoured to be part of it.”

Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers of Light Collective commented, “Having been involved in many lighting awards programs over many years, this is a great opportunity to build on all of those experiences and try to create a different version of celebrating the best of lighting design where the judging is in the hands of everybody. Helping to shape darc night in collaboration with mondo*arc has given us a chance to create an awards ceremony that is by the people, for the people - it’s the Oscars of lighting design!”

The darc awards and darc night will be part of the United Nations - International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 related activities program and will be promoted by the Lighting-Related Organizations to raise awareness for the lighting design profession and showcase the importance and beauty of light.

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