Riflessioni Intono, Product Preview

Author L&L Communication Team
Category Corporate and events
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This is the tale of a lamp that isn’t just a lamp.

To tell you its story, I’m going to take you to a surreal place where objects blend into their surroundings until they merge with them completely.

And this is precisely what INTONO does: sometimes it blends in with the plaster until it almost disappears, at other times it chooses to show itself, becoming an essential complement to the style.

You will have to use sight, hearing, touch and smell, all together, because one sense alone will not be enough to cross this dynamic space.

It’s a lamp but not just a light. INTONO listens and reacts to voice commands, it can produce music on demand and it knows how to create the right atmosphere.

You are no longer simply a visitor here, you are the director of the show. Interact with the geometric forest that houses the lighting fixtures, command the panels to rotate to suit you, and widen and narrow the spaces as you see fit.

Feel free to change. Use your voice to control the space, lights and sound.

It’s only by actively participating in the show that you can fully understand the infinite possibilities of INTONO.

So, are you ready to turn yourself into a musical director?


From 9 to 14 April

FuoriSalone 2019, Brera Design District

Corso Garibaldi 46, Milan, Italy

10AM / 9PM