Palladiano wins the ICONIC AWARDS 2018 - Innovative Architecture

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ICONIC AWARDS 2018 - Innovative Architecture has recognised the innovation behind Palladiano from L&L, which has therefore won this prestigious award in the Product category

Supported by the German Design Council, an independent German organization that promotes design and architecture at an international level, the Iconic Awards particularly reward excellence in innovation and the ability of the selected products to deliver innovative and cross-cutting solutions, stimulating cross-fertilisation between different disciplines in design and architecture.

Palladiano is innovative in its design, its great flexibility of application and its comprehensive array of accessories, which offer an especially wide range of lighting possibilities.

Designed by Consuline, the lighting design studio founded by Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini, Palladiano is inspired by the architectural principles of Vicenza’s celebrated 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio, based on the golden mean as a proportional ratio between the elements.

This fixture is extremely versatile: a single lighting fixture can be used in five types of application: it can be mounted on walls, ceilings, bollards or poles, or used as a projector.

Palladiano also offers exceptional flexibility in movement of its articulated arms and adjustable optics, and it comes with a rich array of optical accessories, making it ideal for a wide variety of design applications.

Indeed, by combining its optical accessories (colour filters and shadow-effect filters: forest, rain, water, etc.), Palladiano can create atmospheric lighting effects that call to mind the natural dappled effect of light shining through foliage.

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