Castello Tafuri Charming Suites, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Syracuse, Italy
Project by / arch. Fernanda Cantone
Light planning by / Light Style

Wall mounted for indoor applications

Ella IN

Diffuse wall-mounted lighting

Wall-mounted fixture with a square design and diffuse optics, available in three lengths and six different finishes. The fixture can be mounted directly on the wall or inclined by 15° using a spacer.

It can be coordinated with the Ello IN ceiling-mounted fixture.

  • Ella IN

    Version DimensionsPowerPower supplyDelivered lumen output
    Ella IN 1.0123x80x29 mm7W230Vac493 lm (3000K)Details

    Ella IN

    • VersionElla IN 1.0
    • Dimensions123x80x29 mm
    • Power7W
    • Power supply230Vac
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K

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Unique Selling Points

  • Ella IN / OUT, Ello IN / OUT
    A single, minimalist design so wall-mounted Ella and ceiling-mounted Ello fixtures can be coordinated both indoors and outdoors

  • You can fix the wall-mounted device directly to the wall or use the spacer to incline it by 15°

  • Available finishes: white, chrome, light ivory

  • Available finishes: pure orange, reseda green, capri blue

  • RAL finish on request