Ceiling mounted for outdoor applications


Diffuse lighting or with optics for outdoor applications

Outdoor ceiling-mounted fixtures with a minimalist design, available with diffuse light or in an optics version. The latter comes in two different wattages.

  • Tak

    Version DimensionsPowerPower supplyOptics
    Tak 1.1147x147x100 mm10W (5 power LEDs),
    18W (9 power LEDs)
    230Vacoptics versionDetails


    • VersionTak 1.1
    • Dimensions147x147x100 mm
    • Power10W (5 power LEDs),
      18W (9 power LEDs)
    • Power supply230Vac
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K

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Unique Selling Points

  • Protection systems

    PID Protective Impedance Device (Tak 1.1)

  • Suitable for outdoor installations

  • RAL finish on request