• German Design Award 2018

Caves Champagne Joseph Perrier, Châlons-en-Champagne, France
Project by / Thiénot Architecture
Light planning by / Lumesens
Photo by / François Guillemin

Step lights for outdoor applications


Pathway lighting with widely spaced fixtures

The design of the Pasito step light family includes models for three types of installation: recessed flush, recessed with frame and mounted on surface. Each version offers a choice of two dimensions, two optics and two types of LED (CRI 80 and >90).

Thanks to the extremely wide-angle 150°x90° asymmetrical optics, the fixtures can be installed up to 5 m apart (installation h 800 mm), thus reducing the number of fixtures required to light long paths.

The controlled downward beam reduces light spill to a minimum.

In 2018, Pasito 1.0 received a Special Mention in the German Design Award.

  • German Design Award 2018
  • Pasito

    Version DimensionsPowerPower supplyMounting
    Pasito 1.0143x67x161 mm13W (230Vac), 8.5W (24Vdc)24Vdc, 230Vacrecessed mounted, flushDetails


    • VersionPasito 1.0
    • Dimensions143x67x161 mm
    • Power13W (230Vac), 8.5W (24Vdc)
    • Power supply24Vdc, 230Vac
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K

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Unique Selling Points

body made of technopolymer with high resistance to impact and sub-zero temperatures

heat sink made of aluminium to optimize heat dissipation

optical system consisting of a 60° hemispherical or 150°x90° asymmetrical lens, installed at an angle and set back in the chamber to to create a controlled downward light beam, reducing light spill to a minimum


5-step material protection, and oxidation and corrosion resistance
- Preparation for painting 
- Epoxy paint
- Polyester paint
- Paints compliant with Qualicoat automotive coating standard
- Tested in saline mist (over 1500 hours)

  • Choose between three types of installation:
    - recessed with frame
    - flush recessed
    - surface mounted

  • Pared-down, "concealed” design. Pasito 1.0 is a recessed spotlight that disappears into the wall when installed, focussing attention completely on the light it emits

  • The controlled downward beam reduces light spill to a minimum

  • The 150°x90° asymmetrical optics mean the fixtures can be positioned 5 metres apart: this reduces the number of step lights needed to guarantee light uniformity on long pathways

  • Protection systems

    IPS Intelligent Protection System

  • Suitable for outdoor installations

  • RAL finish on request