• Muuuz International Awards 2019

Projectors for outdoor applications


Multiple optics for flexible creation

Family of 24Vdc outdoor projectors in four sizes, and wattages ranging from 2.5W to 25W. Ginko is the perfect choice for lighting plants and trees in gardens and parks, thanks to its range of different light outputs and its jasper green finish, conceived specifically for landscape design applications.

Each version offers the possibility of choosing between two wattages and a wide range of optics, including very narrow 5°, and elliptical optics. Sharp optics are also available, to create light beams with pin-sharp edges. And, on its 48° sharp optics, Ginko 3.0 can take a shadow-effect filter that recreates the natural dappled effect of light shining through the foliage. The larger models also have two types of elliptical optics, adjusted manually using a magnet.

To regulate the light output based on the object to be lit, versions with manual zoom lenses are available. The pad-printed graduations on the trim allow the optics’ opening angle to be set precisely.

Ginko projectors use High Intensity LEDs or COB LEDs, according to the model, in the colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K and 4000K or in RGB, and a choice between CRI 80 and 90, for improved colour rendering.

Ginko was awarded an IF Design Award 2019, a Muuuz International Award 2019 and a German Design Award 2020.

  • Muuuz International Awards 2019
  • Ginko

    Version PowerPower supplyLED colourOptics
    Ginko 2.2max 5Wmax 500mARGBfixed focusDetails


    • VersionGinko 2.2
    • DimensionsØ54x58 mm
    • Powermax 5W
    • Power supplymax 500mA
    • LED colourRGB

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Unique Selling Points

body and trim in AISI 316L stainless steel or ANTICORODAL aluminium alloy 6082, made entirely on a CNC lathe

4-mm-thick high-transmittance, transparent extra-clear glass to ensure chromatic uniformity of light, tempered for excellent impact and scratch resistance

bracket in AISI 316L stainless steel

6-step material protection, and oxidation and corrosion resistance
- Low-copper-content anticorodal aluminium alloy 6082
- Preparation for painting  
- Epoxy paint
- Polyester paint
- Paints compliant with Qualicoat automotive coating standard
- Tested in saline mist (over 1500 hours)

  • Jasper green finish developed specifically for use in landscape design

  • Flexible cable-protection tube accessory (Ginko 1 / 2)

  • Cable gland integrated in lighting fixture

  • Manual zoom lens to allow the beam to be controlled manually during installation

  • Protection systems

    IPS Intelligent Protection System

    PID Protective Impedance Device

  • Ingress protections

    IP66 - Suitable for outdoor installations

    IP69K - Resistant to high-pressure, high-temperature spray-downs (ISO-20653 compliant)

  • RAL finish on request