Recessed for outdoor applications


Architectural lighting

Smoothy is the family of recessed fixtures for outdoor architectural lighting from L&L that features a pared-down design of a circular trim in brass or stainless steel, with no visible screws.

The family offers a great variety of possible combinations: there is a choice of wattages and power supply units, fixed or tiltable optics, and LEDs with a colour rendering index of 80 or >90, as well as a wide range of optics to suit the chosen lighting solution.

Anti-glare accessories complete the offer: a honeycomb louvre or a screen that is half transparent and half serigraphed black.

  • Smoothy

    Version PowerPower supplyLED colourOptics
    Smoothy 2.82,5W, 3,5W24Vdc2700K, 3000K, 4000Ktiltable opticsDetails
    Smoothy 5.63.5W (5° optics), 5W, 7W; RGB: max 7W24Vdc; RGB: max 700mA2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGBtiltable opticsDetails


    • VersionSmoothy 2.8
    • DimensionsØ84x75 mm
    • Power2,5W, 3,5W
    • Power supply24Vdc
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    • VersionSmoothy 5.6
    • DimensionsØ109x102 mm
    • Power3.5W (5° optics), 5W, 7W; RGB: max 7W
    • Power supply24Vdc; RGB: max 700mA
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGB

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Unique Selling Points

Trim in brass or AISI 316L stainless steel, made with a CNC lathe

optics fixed or tiltable through ±15°

RGB Version

10-mm-thick transparent extra-clear glass, high transmittance to ensure chromatic uniformity of light and tempered for excellent resistance to knocks and scratches

  • Round trim in brass or stainless steel and with no visible screws for a pared-down, clean design

  • Wide range of optics including very narrow 5°, narrow 8° and elliptical optics. Sharp optics are also available, to create light beams with pin-sharp edges

  • 16°x69° optics adjustable through 360° using the magnet provided (patented) (Smoothy 5.4)

  • The Smoothy range can be fitted with a honeycomb louvre or a screen that is half transparent and half serigraphed black

  • Protection systems

    IPS Intelligent Protection System

    PID Protective Impedance Device

  • Suitable for outdoor installations

  • RAL finish on request

  • Drive over and walk over