Church of Madonna delle Grazie

LocationFonzaso, Belluno, Italy
Executed byScopel Impianti
PhotoTommy Ilai

This religious building, also called Madonna della Scoletta, consists of a single nave with ribbed vaulting ending in a triumphal arch richly decorated with white stuccoes and an altar housing the devotional image of the Madonna della Zilia.

The decoration of this small church is enriched by the 14 Stations of the Cross attached to the side walls of the nave. Each wooden panel shows a religious scene carved in bas-relief and painted in bright colours. The objective was to enhance each individual station with an accent light – this was achieved by using the tiny Krill 3.0 projector.

These small lighting fixtures with a minimalist design and an antique bronze finish were attached to the wall using a 300-mm arm. A double joint on the arm allowed the projectors to be positioned to precisely light the sacred images. The lighting fixtures use LED sources with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90), guaranteeing maximum colour rendition, or fidelity, for the illuminated iconography.

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