Frederic Chopin Monument

LocationWarsaw, Poland
Light planningLuminosfera, Świnarski Marcin

Among the cultural attractions Warsaw offers tourists and citizens is the large bronze statue of Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin, located in the upper part of Łazienki Park, one of the capital’s largest public parks. The photos were taken in winter, when a blanket of white snow covered the lawn and the statue, creating an almost magical atmosphere from which the illuminated monument to the pianist emerges.

The lighting design developed by Luminosfera involved the installation of Siri 3.0 projectors to light the statue. One fixture with very narrow 6° optics illuminates the sculpture from the front, while two fixtures with 30° optics are installed to its right and left.

These lighting fixtures were developed specifically for outdoor applications and careful attention was given to the material’s technical characteristics. The body is made of low-copper-content die-cast aluminium for excellent corrosion resistance, then painted with treatments that protect the surface from oxidation. Siri also undergoes tests to ensure its robustness and lighting quality remain unaltered down to a temperature of -20°, making it able to withstand Polish winters. The Siri projectors feature special deep-set optics and, in this case, have an anti-glare screen to ensure visual comfort.

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