The Edwardian Manchester, A Radisson Collection Hotel

LocationManchester, United Kingdom
Light planningLighting Design International

The recent refurbishment of The Edwardian Manchester has redefined the standards of luxury hospitality for the British city. The building, managed by the international Radisson Hotel Group, has undergone a complete refurbishment that has introduced rooms and suites that are even more spacious and august, modernised communal areas and two new restaurants. Peter Street Kitchen serves Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine, while, in The Library curated by Assouline, patrons can dine from a French-inspired à la carte menu surrounded by the prestigious publications of the Assouline publishing house.

The renovation also involved the gym and spa area, where guests can relax in hot tubs or in the large rectangular swimming pool surrounded by seating and light wood floors. The practice responsible for the lighting project, Lighting Design International, chose Bright 2.6 316L underwater recessed fixtures for the swimming pool, installing them in the side walls of the pool. Their arrangement at regular intervals along the walls creates a sort of visual rhythm, a balanced harmony of light for guests’ eyes, while their output emphasises the luxurious turquoise tones of the pool cladding. The fixture’s resistance is guaranteed by the AISI 316L stainless steel body and trim, and by the tempered, transparent extra-clear glass that ensures the light’s chromatic uniformity and excellent resistance to knocks and scratches. The product benefits from L&L’s patented IPS protection system, which protects it against water infiltration and electrical system malfunctions.

The Edwardian Manchester hotel has received many awards, including Leading Hotel of the Year 2019, while Peter Street Kitchen was awarded Best Luxury Restaurant in the UK at the British Restaurant Awards in the same year.


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