The Coeclerici Gallery - Galata Maritime Museum

LocationGenoa, Italy
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions
ProjectStudio ARCHH Lorenzo Agnese, Giovanni Guerrieri
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

L&L was chosen to light the Coeclerici Gallery, a new exhibition hall dedicated to the “Navigating in Art” collection and an exciting addition to Genoa’s Galata Maritime Museum.

This exhibition space was designed by architects Lorenzo Agnese and Giovanni Guerrieri from the ARCHH studio in Genoa and funded by the Coeclerici Group. It houses a selection of paintings belonging to the Paolo Clerici Foundation that depict life at sea, and port scenes that trace the changes that have taken place in the maritime sector from the mid-19th century to the present day.

The fixtures chosen to light this gallery are Zab Track 2.0 projectors in a white finish, installed on tracks on the ceiling. These projectors use soft-start, flicker-free LED light sources to offer a high level of visual comfort.

Zab Track’s manual zoom lens means the angle of the light beam can be adjusted from 26° up to 51°. In a single device, the most suitable optics can be selected to light the different-sized paintings hanging on the walls. This feature makes the Zab Track 2.0 an excellent choice for museum settings.

The fixtures use Xicato Xtm Artist Series® (1/2-step MacAdam, remote phosphor technology) COB LEDs with an extremely high colour rendering index (CRI > 98 with R9 > 98), which guarantee colour brightness consistency. For this project, the ARCHH architects asked for bespoke projectors with white LEDs in a colour temperature of 3500K.

To light the model inside the display case, the architects chose the compact, 2.5W Gem 1.1 projector with 42° optics and a 3000K white LED, fixed to the horizontal plane of the display case and directed towards the bow and stern of the vessel. The display case lighting is completed with Esem Mid 1.1 indoor recessed fixtures in the upper panel. These are 3W devices with a 3000K white LED, 30° optics adjustable ±20° and a reduced thickness of just 29 mm.

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